JTJ Spring 2018 Flyer

This ministry seeks to:

  • Educate ourselves and others about social justice issues
  • Create an environment at Epworth that is welcoming to all
  • Engage with our Durham community in order to promote social justice

What does it mean to create a welcoming environment? Several groups at Epworth are simultaneously acting to make our welcome “loud and clear” to our surrounding community. In addition to the ongoing work of our Outreach, Witness, and Communications committees, Epworth’s JTJ group is working to increase our understanding of our Durham neighbors. JTJ is especially concerned with those who might not assume that Epworth is a welcoming place. We currently partner with the "Dismantling Racism Group" in our Corridor District to read books about social justice, and to bring authors and other speakers to a lecture series we are hosting beginning September 2017.

Journeying Toward Justice Members' Experiences
This is the first video of testimony from members of Epworth United Methodist Church's Journeying Toward Justice Committee. It includes testimony from Betty Matteson, Carie Dupree, Scotta Barsella, Nancy Myers, and Ryan Ware.

Speakers, Events, and Books

There are no upcoming events at this time.