Journeying Toward Justice Members' Experiences

This is the first video of testimony from members of Epworth United Methodist Church's Journeying Toward Justice Committee. It includes testimony from Betty Matteson, Carie Dupree, Scotta Barsella, Nancy Myers, and Ryan Ware.

JTJ fully supports Epworth’s status as a member congregation in the Reconciling Ministries Network.

Because the Covid-19 crisis has made it impossible to sponsor a speaker series in 2020, JTJ has donated the Epworth money in its budget to urgent local needs with two donations:

The Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham, to provide emergency food and shelter for nonviolent offenders released early from prison due to coronavirus concerns.

The Thriving Communities Fund, administered by Durham’s Communities in Partnership (CIP). CIP is a local, grass-roots organization whose mission is to organize and cultivate long-term residents, especially residents of color and low wealth, to work towards racial, economic, and social liberation.