"Blood Done Sign My Name" Performance at the Raleigh Little Theater

JTJ invites you to join us on Sunday, May 20 at 3 PM for the Raleigh Little Theater performance of Blood Done Sign My Name. This drama, based on the book by Timothy Tyson, tells the story of racially charged events which took place in 1970 in Oxford NC, the author’s home town. Tickets are still available at our group rate of $21. Seating is limited. Contact Betty Matteson at ematteso@gmail.com as soon as possible if you want to attend with our group. We will carpool or take the church bus, depending on level of interest. Individual tickets may also be purchased directly from the Raleigh Little Theater box office at 919-821-3111.



Raising White Kids - Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America by Jennifer Harvey

"I’m so glad I read this book! I heard Dr. Harvey in person at Duke Memorial – she spoke at the 2015 Jack Crum Conference which inspired Epworth members to organize Journeying Toward Justice. Dr. Harvey is a professor at Drake University and is ordained in the American Baptist Church. This title caught my eye because I believe that each of us who has contact with children – parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, neighbors – has a responsibility to teach and model anti-racist behavior. If we are trying to be followers of Jesus in today’s world, we have a responsibility to work to dismantle the sin of racism. Unfortunately, and especially for those of us who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, it may not be obvious how to do this effectively.

Raising White Kids provides thoughtful, practical suggestions about how to respond to situations and statements that children will encounter. She uses experiences with her own children to illustrate the conversations one might have. Dr. Harvey presents her information and advice with grace, not shaming those of us who need help to do better. She shares ideas for talking with children about race that acknowledge their feelings and experiences, and she suggests ways to guide the conversations in constructive ways.

At the end of each chapter, Dr. Harvey provides “Takeaways” that summarize key concepts; these could be used by a group as discussion points. The book would make an excellent Sunday School study. I highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about our children and the world they will inherit from us."


Betty Matteson



Journeying Toward Justice Members' Experiences
This is the first video of testimony from members of Epworth United Methodist Church's Journeying Toward Justice Committee. It includes testimony from Betty Matteson, Carie Dupree, Scotta Barsella, Nancy Myers, and Ryan Ware.