Lenten Bible Study with Pastor Charles

Lenten Bible Study Tuesday Nights

We will read excerpts from the Gospel of Luke together. Beginning with Christ’s temptation in the wilderness and ending with Christ’s passion, we will examine the ministry of Jesus, his life of love, and the spiritual discipline entailed by Christian imitation. What does it mean to imitate Christ? How do we develop a holistic Lenten approach to Christianity? What do we gain by periods of trial and fasting? What forms can these episodes take? How are persons and communities newly created by Christ’s example? These and other questions will be discussed as we examine essential Gospel passages.
        If you would like to join this study, or are interested in more information, please contact Charles: cdaly@epworth-umc.org or 252-724-2367. He will send you a syllabus and other materials. The class will meet every Tuesday during Lent at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom.