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Morgan West

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As the saying goes “Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people.” To me that has always been a representation of the Epworth community – the people. Although faces have changed along the way, Epworth has never had a shortage of welcoming smiles. As a young child, I always aspired to be a dedicated Christian like my grandmother, Blake West. She was a long time member of Epworth, and her smiling face every Sunday morning was the first identifiable reason I loved coming to Epworth.

Epworth seems to be a magnet for outstanding individuals, and that strong force has been evident to me from the start. In the hopes of meeting my goal for being a kind face of Epworth, I currently serve as a youth counselor and an active member of the young adult group led by Sangwoo. Both groups allow me to be spiritually nourished. The youth of Epworth are exceptionally funny, smart, sassy, and entertaining (not that I’m biased). Not only do they help me stay cool, but they’re insights and questions constantly show me how God is working. They make me think in a new light – a brighter light. In addition to the youth group, the young adults have also had a huge impact on my faithfulness toward Epworth. Not only have I met my roommate through this group, but the friendships I have gained surpass the superficial level. There is peace knowing you have a church family to fall back on, with whom to make silly jokes and talk about serious issues we can all relate to in our current world.

It would be hard for me to reflect on my life without the involvement of Epworth. My love of Epworth has always stemmed from the people and relationships God introduces to me here. When I was a youth, I met people who not only understood me, but who are still the people I turn to in times of need. As a youth counselor, I am humbled to witness the same type of formative relationships being built. As a young adult, I can relate to good people trying to do good things. I support Epworth to support the future. I see the potential of Epworth’s impact when I see the children do their musical, when I hear the laughter of the youth on a retreat, and when I see the excitement of any young adult when we gain another member. I support Epworth, because I am living proof of that potential.

Love Always,
Morgan West