2021 Church Leaders

Board of Trustees Chair: Kenneth Roberts

Children’s Ministries Chair: Laura Taylor Baysden

Church Council Chair: Diane Reeves

Church Historian: Maureen Oakes

Church Librarian: Jane Hanson

Church Treasurer: Jane Hanson

Disaster Preparedness Coordinator: Jim Johnson

Endowment Committee Chair: Wes Brown

Epworth Orchestra Conductor: Judy Bolt

Finance Committee Chair: Greg Allison

Garden Committee Co-Chairs: Nell Mowry and Nancy Myers

Handbell Choir Director: Maureen Oakes

Kitchen Coordinator: Jim Wilcox

Lay Leader: Belo Shelton

Lay Members to Annual Conference: Jane Clark Moorman and Zoila Airall

Lay Speaker Coordinator: Maureen Oakes

Nominations Committee Chair: Karen H. Whitaker, Senior Pastor

Nurture Committee Chair: Sid Anderson

Outreach Committee Co-Chairs: Beth Armbruster and Susan Sinclair

Parsonage Committee: Kathy Dutton, Jay Hallan

Praise Team Music Director: Travis Montgomery

Preschool Board Chair: Laura Kimmey

President of UMM: Jim Wilcox

President of UMW: Sue Stutz

Recording Secretary: Katherine Kingsbury

Relating Pastor: Wes Brown

Staff Pastor Parrish Relations Committee Chair: Patsy Harlow

Stewardship Committee Chair: Todd Benware

Witness/Communications Committee Chair: Chris Baysden

Worship Committee Chair: Claudia Goacher

Youth Ministries Chair: Morgan West