Director of Music Ministry Job Description

Epworth United Methodist Church

Principal Function

To lead, further develop and expand music ministries within the church
to support and enhance worship services, community events and other
programs to increase Christian discipleship of Epworth UMC and its

Reporting Structure

The Director of Music Ministry is accountable to the Senior Pastor as
head of staff and to the Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee.

Employee Status

Non-exempt, salaried employee, not to exceed 20 hours per week,
approved annually by the Senior Pastor and SPPRC for inclusion in the
operational budget approved by the Church Council.

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in Music, preferably sacred music, is required.
Master’s Degree in Music or advanced certification in a related field
(e.g. music education) is preferred.

Professional Requirements

At least 3 years of instruction and/or music leadership along with good
interpersonal skills and experience working with groups

Job Requirements

-Have ability to recruit, motivate, and teach volunteer
-Set high standards for quality of performance and inspire
musicians to achieve such standards in leading worship
-Be accountable and dedicated to working in a team
environment with ordained pastors, staff, volunteer laity, and
contractual employees to promote the responsibilities stated herein.
Responsibilities of Employment
-Provide leadership, supervision, organization, scheduling and growth
and development of Epworth UMC’s Music Ministry, including Chancel
Choir, organist, ensembles, handbells, vocal and instrumental soloists,
guest musicians and all related rehearsals for such activities
-Collaborate and work in conjunction with pastors and church organist
in music selection, scheduling rehearsals, and other music ministry
-Select a variety of sacred music that is suited to our congregation and
inspires it toward meaningful worship
-Oversee and support, providing direction and participation as needed,
the Praise Team providing music for Epworth’s contemporary worship
-Attend weekly staff meetings, worship committee meetings, and any
other committee meetings as requested by the Senior Pastor
-Maintain open communication with staff, choir and laity regarding
music ministry
-Assist office manager in developing communications
applicable to delivery of music ministry activities
-Oversee & assist laity volunteers, if applicable, in delivery of
performances by hand bell choir, instrumental ensembles, & other
programs/activities as directed by the senior pastor
-Schedule and lead preparation for musical events that follow the
liturgical calendar and/or correspond with the tradition of
Epworth UMC
-Recruit participants for existing music activities as well as
instrumentalists and vocalists for special music services/activities as
-Maintain and enhance Epworth’s music library
-Develop and oversee budget for music ministry activities in
coordination with worship committee
-Oversee maintenance of all music equipment including organ, pianos
and miscellaneous instruments
-Supervise care of choir robes and the choir suite
-Maintain membership and licenses/ certifications in various
organizations as applicable to the position


Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the senior pastor
and SPPRC.