Epworth Outreach Ministries Offers Something for Everyone.​


We believe that God has gifted every Christian in some way and has a plan and purpose for every life.

By doing your own ministry with others who are also doing so, God equips us for the unique work and ministry of God’s church. You will find lots of ways to get involved—we call it Outreach. Every week we lift up opportunities for you to give of your time and talents in some way. God may lead you to try any number of things including the choir, orchestra, mission work that makes use of your skills as a cook, artist, carpenter, gardener, electrician, teacher, snack maker, homework helper… there is no end to the possible ways to be the hands and feet for Jesus.

Come find a place to put your very exceptional set of gifts to work! Epworth will be blessed as a church, your service will be a blessing to others, and you will be blessed in so many ways! Our Outreach committee helps to fund many other outside organizations and is always looking for additional “hands-on” ways to reach out to those in our community with unmet needs. 

Check Out a Few of Epworth’s Outreach Opportunities