Bathroom Renovation Has Begun!

RENOVATION HAS BEGUN ON THE RESTROOMS NEAR THE CHURCH OFFICE   One lockable restroom will remain open for use.  Additional restrooms are located in each of the preschool wings (at the bottom of the steps under the Fellowship Hall, and in the old preschool building –  they are at the top of the steps on the second floor, in the Sunday School rooms 15 and 16, and beside the preschool office).

Additionally there is a women’s restroom in the choir robing room for the ladies and a men’s restroom in the choir robing room for the gentlemen.  As a courtesy to those who cannot navigate the steps, please allow them to have first use of the lockable restroom across from the office.

Upon completion of the renovations, we will have a new family/handicap restroom and a new women’s restroom.  After these renovations are complete, the men’s restroom will be refinished.

Thank you for your patience as we make these improvements!!