An inspiring read, “Unto the Least of These”

Learn how Epworth United Methodist Church became involved with the people of Haiti in this inspiring book. Unto the Least of These tells the story of dedication, trials, tribulations and some successes of working with some of the seemingly invisible people of the world in Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in Western hemisphere, but it also has a Christian community that is vibrant and alive. 

Epworth UMC, Durham, NC, first with Providence UMC, Charlotte, NC and later together with a sister Church, Swansboro UMC, Swansboro, NC, have shared in efforts with the Christians in Haiti to minister to the “Least of These.” The Fond Doux Foundation is an outgrowth of Epworth UMC’s and Swansboro UMC’s sharing in Christian ministry with Christians in Fond Doux, Haiti. 

The author is the Rev. John Clausing, an associate member of Epworth United Methodist Church and a retired pastor of the United Church of Christ. 

Books can be ordered from:
Fond Doux Foundation
PO Box 51443
Durham, NC 27717

Cost: $20 / Expected printing date: June 1, 2019

The Fond Doux Foundation engages friend-to-friend with people in and around the village of Fond Doux, Haiti, helping to provide better access to medical care and health education, improved nutrition through agriculture and animal husbandry, educational scholarships, and intercultural faith-based activities. FDF is a 501(c)3 organization based in Durham, North Carolina, USA, whose Christian community outreach began in 2011.