Epworth UMC CDF Freedom Schools® In-kind Donations List


1 activity bus for 60 for 1-2X each week


7 lap top computers (1 for each classroom, 2 staff)
2 desk top printers
8 walkie talkies
5 CD players (1 for each classroom)
1 bluetooth speaker
small refrigerator (if possible)

Office/Classroom supplies

copy paper
Manila folders
sheet protectors
dry erase markers
pens, pencils, markers, crayons
colored pencils
adult and children’s scissors
butcher paper
chart paper
writing paper
drawing paper
construction paper
tissue paper
2- and 3-inch binders
Post-its (all sizes)
writing pads
school glue
masking and transparent tape
U.S. and world wall maps
composition books
poster boards (white)
arts and crafts items-glitter, buttons, craft sticks
paint, paintbrushes (varied sizes)

Health and Safety

first aid kits
cold packs
bottles of hand sanitizer
masks (children size)
boxes of tissues
Clorox wipes
latex gloves
large garbage bags
brooms/dust pans
spray bottles
plastic containers w/tops


healthy, non-perishable snacks
small bottles of water
juice boxes


children’s games
science items
legos for lego education
playing cards
sidewalk chalk
playground items-jump ropes, hula hoops, etc.
balls-basketball, playground, soccer, football