Roundabout Update from Trustees


By now most of you have heard about the plans of NCDOT to alter the intersection of Hope Valley Road and University Drive changing the conventional intersection into a roundabout.

The change will result in the loss of some property by Epworth on both roads and will cause inconvenience to those using our facility during the construction phase.  How long the interruption will last and the extent of the inconvenience are not fully known at this time, but the year 2018 will truly be unusual for Epworth.

One thing is for certain.  The NCDOT will take the property.  Law requires them to compensate the owner.  They are now formalizing their appraisal which is slated to be completed at, or shortly after, the end of this year.  At that point a decision will have to be made as to the course of action Epworth will take.

At this point the Trustees are in a holding period, but further information will be forthcoming when it is available.