Sunday, April 30, 2017

8:30 and 11:00 Worship

Sermon: “The Road to Emmaus”, Rev. Karen H. Whitaker

Scripture: 1 Peter 17-23, Luke 24: 13-35

Hymns:  Christ is Alive, Victory in Jesus, Thine Be the Glory

9:00 Worship

Sermon: “Stay with Us”, Rev. Dr. Sangwoo Kim

Scripture: Luke 24: 13-35

Songs:  Holy Spirit, Down the Road to Emmaus, You Are My King, 

They will Know We Are Christians

Ushers: Kenneth Roberts, Rick and Emily Dike

Bus Driver: Kathy Chaney

Liturgists: 8:30: Maureen Oakes     11:00: Kristen Whitaker

Greeters:  Beth Armbruster and Steve Smith

Offering Counters: Steve Smith and Judy Daymont

Altar Guild: Nell and Fred Mowry, Carolyn Davis

Nursery:  Marcey Harp, Theresa Shebalin, Beth Armbruster, Melissa Culp

Acolyte:   Ben Engel

Crucifer:  Hannah Morris

Altar Flowers are given to the glory of God and in honor of our mothers, Margaret W. Carver and Margaret S. Williamson, by Marvin and Debbie Carver.