Health Kits for the People of Haiti from Epworth Sunday School

When we get a small cut or injury, we just run to our medicine cabinet and grab the box of band aids and don’t think much about it. That’s not the case in an impoverished country. Access to health care and supplies is always a challenge for the people of Haiti. It is acerbated by the fact that Haiti is a tropical country and the people live more out of doors than we do. Dust, dirt and sweat get into an open wound. Without proper care a small wound can become infected, which can then lead to a medical crisis. That is why bringing health care supplies is a part of each of our mission trips to Haiti.

First Aid Kit Assembly Epworth Sunday School Children
These are small kits that will be given to children in Fond Doux to have available for small wounds. This may not sound like much, but for people that have little to no access to health care this is important. These kits include gauze, surgical tape, antibiotic ointment and band-aids.