Local Outreach


Thank you to all the tutors and volunteers!

We wish to thank all the tutors for the dedicated and outstanding job this year in tutoring. We had eighteen students from Hope Valley Elementary School who met with us on Mondays and Wednesdays for an hour and a half of tutoring and recreation. Wednesday, May 18 was our last day for this school year. We wish the students a wonderful summer and hope to see them again next year, except for the five who will be going to middle school. We owe a debt of gratitude to our tutors and snack providers. This program is funded and supported by the Outreach Committee, which without its support would not be possible.

Our tutors include Malia Schwing, Kare Pearce, Laurel Rose, Sandra Irby, Sharon Walker, Patsy Harlow, Diane Wright, Harry Dutton, Nancy Myers, Kathryn Cole, Katherine Chaney, Gail Rankin, John Lott, Nell Mowry, Charlie Rose, Bill Matteson, Chris Thomas, Jerush Christopher, Jerryl Christopher, Joe Collie, Sarah Ford Bryson, Claudia Goacher, Ruth Clausing, Susan Curson, Belo Shelton, Elaine Herndon, Jane Brown, Jennie Brooks, Sally Markham, Maureen Oakes, Sue Stutz, Al Stutz, Delane Gibbs and Kenneth Roberts.

Our snack providers include Carolyn Davis, Laurel and Charlie Rose, Sarah Circle, Beth Armbruster, Belo Shelton, Kathy Dutton, Vickie Jernigan, Jane Hanson, Leslie Davis, Fran Whaley, Susanna Circle, Jung Choi, Larry Reeves, Rebecca Wheeler, Nalda Brown, Zoila Airall, Anne Glover, Jim Wilcox, Clara Airall, Joe and DeLane Gibbs, Lezette Evans, and Barbara Collie.

We are looking for additional tutors for next year. Anyone who would like to tutor one or two days a week or would like to provide snacks for next year, please see John Lott or Kenneth Roberts. We are planning an Augustine Project training session August 29- September 2 to be held at Epworth. We also need tutors trained in this program (a phonetic approach to teaching reading) to work with us. Please see John or Kenneth to get registered for this exciting opportunity.

Again, thanks to all whom have made this Outreach program a success.

John Lott and Kenneth Roberts